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Realy Safe is a free app that comes connected with your Realy account.

It's the easiest way to notify family, friends and coworkers when you need help. One touch can immediately send out a safety alert to your emergency contacts via email and/or text/SMS

  • 1Register at Realy and complete your profile
    Click here to get started
  • 2Download the Realy Safe App from the App store and use it with your Realy login for FREE, or
  • 3Subscribe for the $1.99 monthly plan or $19.99 annual plan

New! Realy Safe is now available for your Apple Watch and Android Wear

Send "Help" and "Safe" alerts even faster when you use your Smart Watch to notify your Emergency Contacts

What is Realy Safe?

Realy Safe is a free app that you can download from iTunes or Google Play and use alongside your Realy account

Just press and hold the "Help" button, and Realy Safe will immediately notify your saved Emergency Contacts

Relieve anxiety for your loved ones. Meeting a new client for the first time? Tap the "Safe" button to let your Emergency Contacts know that you're okay

How does Realy Safe work?

  • 1Download Realy Safe from iTunes or Google Play
  • 2Log in with your Realy account.
    Don't have an account? Click here to get started
  • 3Add your Emergency Contacts
  • 4Easily send safety alerts anytime, from anywhere

Location Broadcast

Your Emergency Contacts can track your location in real time whenever you send out a "Help" alert

Just activate the "Location Broadcast" option in your Settings